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A unique venue within the Yamina Lodge complex, the Shala (as yoga studios are known in India) offers yoga classes and retreats.
The yurt (Charentaise) is environmentally friendly with organic materials, such as wood treated with linseed oil and sheep's wool as healthy insulation.

A natural and simple space, the yurt is ideal for the practice of yoga. It also makes it easier to harmonise exchanges between meetings and practices. Surrounded by greenery and shrubs, the yurt calms visitors in its cocoon-like space. Its circular shape obviously has a divine symbolism, even of perfection like the Indian mandala, which is conducive to meditation and ritual. It is a place in its own right, where we will often meet to share special moments.



All year round, yoga classes are given in the yurt by Pia and experienced teachers.


You can consult the agenda of upcoming courses in the yurt here: AGENDA



Some retreats are offered at YonShala, a Landes airial near Morcenx, a third place and a space of positive gathering around yoga:

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