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For many years, Ghislaine has offered you its services through a professional listening, where, in secrecy and respect, any word can be said without any judgment.

Each different individual being different, his approach will therefore be adapted to everyone's needs. There is no ready-made recipe but appropriate solutions to implement in collaboration with you. This will require your personal involvement.

Ghislaine has a master's degree in Japanese energy care. She is also certified in psychogenealogy, magnetism and sophrology. She also has other skills such as: teaching in numerology, biological releasing, working with stones energy, working with elixirs.

Tibetan Karmic Numerology / Psychogenealogy
Biological releas / Japanese energy treatment
Coming from a scientific background, I did environmental consulting and training for several years.

Professional and personal experiences of life have led me to think in a more systemic way about the protection of nature and the causes which underlie the impact of man on his environment. I came to the following result "as long as man is not good with himself, he does not take care of who he is, then he cannot take care of nature" .

In addition, my sensitivity to human relationships and to relationships led me to study different listening techniques such as non-violent communication, maieusthesia ... This encounter with maieusthesia was so impacting that I studied it with Estelle Montaigne in Toulouse and for almost 2 years.

My main objective through the maieusthesia is to allow the person to meet, recognize, find the parts of oneself which has been aside. This meeting, this reception and this validation of the feelings is to bring a global liberation and cooling down.
Emilie - Masseuse
Certified FFMBE wellness massage practitioner, energy therapist and coach.
I work in harmony with my heart and my intuition to bring you well-being, vital relaxation and connection to your inner being. I propose massages of the world, my signature massage "luminescence" and sound relaxation: Bubble of well-being to relax and unwind tensions.

« Listen to your heart, your body and your soul will make you feel good »

Les services de yamina Lodge Les services de yamina Lodge
I am Sophrologist, having spent a first part of my life in communication, a profession that has awakened me to the various malaise of our society; the different pressures and conditions of work, stress and lack of availability for a harmonious relationship to our own body and our psyche. My goal was to devote myself to the realization of well-being, a life more conscious, lighter, more pleasant. This philosophy always gives me more enthusiasm to help those in search of reparation, well-being and appeasement. Sophrology allows me to help others to free themselves from the tensions of everyday life and to access a lifestyle more serene, more in phase with themselves. With group sessions, I offer everyone the opportunity to refocus, relax and deeply relax.

SOPHROLOGUE (Caycedian Sophrology) graduated from INES (Institute of Education of Sophrology) recognized RNCP by the State. Ericksonian HYPNOSIS master practitioner, graduated from France Hypnose
Emilie - Masseuse
My name is Sylvie Carrillo and I live in South-Gironde, between vineyards and forest of Landes. My daughter says that I have always been the medical referent of my family.
However, this is my job since 2015. I am passionate about health, the functioning of the human body and the care given to people.
My reconversion was born during the meeting with a Tibetan doctor, who made me aware of the importance of food to solve health problems. It has indeed allowed me to cure chronic sinusitis that forced me to take cortisone for 20 years. That was the trigger ...
I then sought training in naturopathy.
All the information I could obtain converged on the school of Robert Masson, an eminent naturopath, recognized by the doctors and having taught at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris XIII. Today I continue to complete my training to maintain the well-being of my patients and make them become actors of their health.

Aromatherapy Diploma : 1 year of training
Diploma of the Robert Masson Applied Naturopathy Teaching Center : 2 years of training
Training in energy care

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